Whispering Winds mission statement

Since my illness nearly killed me in 2010, I’ve learned a lot about people, health and life in general.

My mission with Whispering Wind Farms is to create a small, self sustaining homestead farm that allows me to have control over the foods I consume and the quality of my own life.

I want to use it as a means of understanding ecological cycles, the importance of diversity and natural ecology in the maintaining of a small farm and share those ideas with other small farmers across the country and the world.

I have the chance to use this as a test case scenario for various ideas and technologies on how to use clean renewable sources of power to run as free of the grid as is possible while ensuring a high quality and safe environment for my plants and animals.

We eventually want to expand into avian research and study birds of all types and how they fit into a healthy ecological system, what roles they play and how to ensure that their presence is beneficially maintained.

I don’t want to and won’t get rich doing this, but I will be able to support myself and my family, free of the disability I am currently collecting. It will allow me to provide, for myself, my family and share my experiences with other folks in similar situations.